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Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge

Every day, we will be giving you a ‘Daily Challenge’ to complete. It may be creative, physical, written, imaginative and hopefully a little bit of fun! Look carefully at the instructions for each ‘Daily Challenge’ so that you know how to share your work with us!

Challenge 20 – 15th May 2020

Today, it’s a ‘Baby Photo Challenge’. Can you work out which member of staff is shown in the Baby Photo? If you would like us to check your answers, write your answers (1-12) in J2e Writer and we will let you know how many you have guessed correctly. Answers will be on here on Friday evening! Click the link below to see the 12 Baby Photos!

Baby Photo Challenge


Lots of excellent guesses today! The correct answers were:1. Mr Courtney     2. Mrs Lloyd     3. Mrs Phillips     4. Mrs Berndsen     5. Mr Hopkins     6. Mrs Doig-Barry

7. Mrs May     8. Mrs Thomas     9. Mrs McPhee     10. Miss Ganz     11. Mrs Hopkins     12. Mrs Brady-Saunders

Challenge 19 – 14th May 2020

Today, your challenge is to get creative and make an animal. Your challenge is to lay clothes flat on the floor to make an animal. Look at our attempt below, a Panda made from T-Shirts, Socks and a Shoelace:

What animals can you make? If you would like to share your creations, you can email any of the staff at school (our emails are on the Home Page of the school website) or save your images on J2e. Enjoy and Good Luck!


Thank you for the wonderful creatures you have made from items of clothing. From ‘bumblebees’ and ‘cows’, to ‘dogs’, ‘fish’ and ‘butterflies’, we were very impressed by your work!

Challenge 18 – 13th May 2020

Today, you have an ‘Animal Adjective’ Challenge. For each letter of the alphabet, can you think of an animal beginning with that letter and an adjective beginning with the same letter and write a sentence including those words? Some letters are easier than others! For example:

A = The angry ant climbed up the hill.

B = The beautiful butterfly fluttered its wings.

How many letters of the alphabet can you create sentences for? Write your sentences in J2Writer so than we can see your wonderful work! Pob lwc!


Well Done! Lots of inventive sentences containing excellent adjectives and interesting animals. ‘X’ and ‘Y’ were particularly tricky, but many of you found animals for those letters with a little research. Da iawn!

Challenge 17 – 12th May 2020

Today’s challenge is a numeracy and reasoning challenge from the NRich Maths Website. Can you place each of the numbers 1 to 5 in the V shape below so that the two arms of the V have the same total.

How many different possibilities can you find?

Write all the different possibilities that you find in J2e Writer so that we can see your answers.

If you enjoyed today’s challenge, there are plenty more just like this on the Nrich Website which you can access by clicking the link below:


Brilliant work! You suggested many different solutions and showed excellent problem solving skills!

Some of the solutions included:

1            2                             1           3                        5           4

5      4                                  4     2                              2      3

3                                           5                                      1

Challenge 16 – 11th May 2020

Today, it’s a literacy challenge. Starting with a word, can you change one letter each time to make a new word. Look at the example below:

Line -> Fine -> Fire -> File -> Pile -> Mile -> Mole

I have created 6 new words by changing one letter each time, but I am sure you could make a much bigger list of words with the following starter words below. Take each word and see how far you can take your list! Remember to write your answers on J2e Writer so that we can see how many new words you have made!

  1. Hope
  2. Barn
  3. Seat
  4. Door
  5. File

Pob lwc!


Excellent work! You have created some very long word chains and used your vocabulary well to suggest a wide range of different words. Da iawn!

Challenge 15 – 8th May 2020

Today is VE Day, the day where we remember Victory in Europe during the Second World War in 1945. Mrs Brady-Saunders is setting you a Paper Airplane Challenge. Can you design, create and decorate a commemorative paper plane celebrating VE Day and then test it to see how far it flies?

Enjoy designing and flying your paper planes!


Da iawn! Your designs were very creative and colourful!

Challenge 14 – 7th May 2020

Today’s challenge is to see how many different words you can make using the following letters:

P    M    D    E    C    T    A    G   U   S

For example, I can make the words “MADE”, “STAGE” and “TEAM”. You can only use each letter once per word. How many different words can you make? What is the longest word you can make? Write your answers in J2Writer so that we can see your work.

Pob lwc! Mr Hopkins


Thank you for all your words. I have had more than 150 different words so far today, and I am still receiving more and more! Some of the longest were ‘upstaged’, ‘stumped’,’teacups’ and ‘updates’. Well done for all your hard work!

Challenge 13 – 6th May 2020

Today, Mrs Hopkins would like you to take part in the 100 Word Challenge for your ‘Daily Challenge’. All you have to do is write a story on J2Writer in J2Office, and it has to be EXACTLY 100 words long! No shorter, no longer! It can be written on a topic that you choose, but if you are struggling for an idea for your story you could choose one of the titles below:

  • The Magic Mirror
  • The Hole at the Bottom of the Garden
  • The Amazing Day

So, either choose one of the titles above or create one of your own and see if you can write a short story that is EXACTLY 100 words long.

Good Luck! Mrs Hopkins


Thank you for your wonderful stories! I was very impressed by how you managed to write so many different stories, all in exactly 100 words!

Challenge 12 – 5th May 2020

Today’s ‘Daily Challenge’ is a task set by Mrs Thomas.

Using old odd socks (yes, we have all got them and don’t know why), make a sock puppet. You can use random things around the house, for example, buttons, wool, felts, old unwanted clothes to make it as creative as possible. You could even make a little film of your puppet coming to life. Enjoy, from Mrs Thomas


Thank you for the photographs of your amazing puppet designs and the videos of you bringing your creations to life! They were fantastic!

Challenge 11 – 4th May 2020

To start this week, it’s a Numeracy Challenge. Below, there is a grid filled with numbers followed by 15 questions. Answer the questions in J2Writer in J2Office on Hwb so that we can see your answers. Good Luck!

  Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E

Column F

Row 1 12 21 8 64 83 1
Row 2 26 41 71 16 52 10
Row 3 9 38 9 15 41 36
Row 4 34 2 33 68 50 20
Row 5 57 11 29 22 2 41
  1. Which Row (1-5) has the highest total?
  2. Which Row has the lowest total?
  3. How much more is Row 4 than row 5?
  4. What is the difference between the biggest and the smallest number in Row 1?
  5. Which two numbers in Row 2 can be added together to make 93?
  6. Order the numbers in Row 3 from smallest to largest.
  7. Which Column has the highest total?
  8. How much more is Column E than Column C?
  9. What is the difference between the biggest and smallest number in Column B?
  10. Which number from Column A is missing in the following question: 57 – ? = 23
  11. Which three numbers from Column C can be added together to make 88?
  12. Order the numbers in Column F from largest to smallest.
  13. Which is the most common number in the whole grid?
  14. Which two numbers in the whole grid total together to make 90?
  15. TOUGH CHALLENGE: What is the total of all of the numbers in the grid?


Fantastic work today! I am really impressed by your numeracy, reasoning and problem solving!

Challenge 10 – 1st May 2020

Your task today is from Mrs May. Click the link below to read the words of Pope Francis about praying the Rosary. Your task is to write all the names of the mysteries and then choose one and write about it in your own words, including pictures. Complete your work on the Mysteries in J2Writer so that Mrs May can see your work.



Thank you for your excellent work on the Mysteries!

Challenge 9 – 30th April 2020

For today’s challenge, I would like to see what you can do with a cereal box, or any box for that matter! I want to see you get your creative juices flowing and come up with some of the most imaginative and funny ideas you can! I can’t wait to see where your imagination takes you, so once you’ve finished can you please send me pictures of your creations to

Pwb lwc pawb!

Love Mrs Hopkins


Thank you children for all your wonderful photographs! I have had such a fun day looking through all your amazing creations ranging from a Leprechaun Trap, a Space Rocket and a Hot Tub for dolls to a Pinball Machine which was wonderfully demonstrated using chocolate eggs and a Table Football Game with clothes pegs used as players. I even had a WWII airplane with a beautiful tribute to Colonel Tom on his 100th birthday! Your imaginations are truly spectacular and you should all be very proud of your creations!

Thank you again, Mrs Hopkins

Challenge 8 – 29th April 2020

If you have ever been in my class, you will know that I love using images to help us with our creative writing. One of the websites that I use is called ‘Pobble 365’. By clicking the link below, you will be taken to one Pobble365 image of ‘The Magic Library’.

On that page, there is a ‘Story Starter!’. This is the beginning of a story about a young girl called Elsa who explores a magic library. The beginning of the story ends on a cliffhanger…Elsa places her finger on a Golden Orb in the magic library and waits for the magic to happen!

Your challenge today is to continue the story using the image and the story starter to give you ideas. What will happen to Elsa? What does the Golden Orb do? Will we meet any other characters in the story? How will the story end?

Write your stories in J2e Writer on Hwb so that I can read them all this evening. I am really looking forward to settling down this evening and being whisked away by your creative, imaginative and magical stories.

Pob lwc!

Mr Hopkins


Wow! I really enjoyed reading all of your amazing stories! I was taken back in time, whisked away to magical islands, transported to other galaxies, taken into other books and even taken to a land full of magical unicorns and dinosaurs! Thank you for your hard work and keep it up!

Challenge 7 – 28th April 2020

If you look on the left hand side of the page under the ‘News’ widget, you will see the ‘Saint Joseph’s Parish Newsletter’. In the newsletter, Monsignor Joseph has suggested prayers that we can say in the coming week, including this prayer below:

“Lord, in this time of the unknown we ask you to bless all who are unwell, we implore you to protect us, eliminate all fear and anxiety and increase our trust in you. We seek refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God. Do not despise our pleas – we who are put to the test – and deliver us from every danger, O glorious and Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Your challenge today is to write your own prayer. I will then send your work to Monsignor Joseph so that he can read your thoughtful, wonderful  prayers. If you would like, once you have finished writing your prayer you could illustrate it too. You can either write your prayers in J2e Writer, or email them to me at


Mrs May


I really enjoyed reading all of your prayers – they were very thoughtful! You identified all the people who are working so hard to protect and treat people at this difficult time but also shared how many things we have to be grateful for, including food, shelter and our friends and families. Lots of children drew or chose pictures to add to their prayers. Monsignor has copies of all the prayers and will get back to me with his thoughts after reading them. Da iawn! Mrs May

Challenge 6 – 27th April 2020

Mrs Brady-Saunders is setting you a Geography Challenge to start this week!

I, I Captain
This is a task to do with your family!
Task 1:
My friend told me that there are only 9 countries in the world that begin with the letter I.
Is this correct and if so can you name them?
You may use a map/atlas/globe but I don’t want you to use Google.
Task 2:
How many countries do you know that have the letter ‘i’ in their name?
Once again you can use a map/atlas/globe but I don’t want you to use Google etc.
Send me your list and we will let you know who got the most countries.
Email your answers to:
Good Luck – Enjoy
Stay Safe
Fantastic work! Lots of you managed to find all 9 countries that begin with the letter ‘I’ – Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy and the Ivory Coast. There are far too many countries to list here that have an ‘i’ in their name, but your lists were very impressive. Da iawn!

Challenge 5 – 24th April 2020

A numeracy and reasoning challenge to finish the first week! Each letter in the table below costs a different amount of money:

A = £1     B = £2     C = £3     D = £4     E = £5     F = £6     G = £7     H = £8     I = £9     J = £10     K = £11

L = £12     M = £13     N = £14     O = £15     P = £16     Q = £17    R = £18     S = £19     T = £20     U = £21

V = £22     W = £23     X = £24     Y = £25     Z = £26

The word ‘BALL’ would cost £27 because £2 + £1 + £12 + £12 = £27.

Your challenge is to answer the questions below:

  • How much does it cost to make your name?
  • Choose 10 of your favourite words and work out how much they cost.
  • What words can you make that cost exactly £50?
  • What words can you make that cost exactly £100?
  • What is the most expensive word that you can make? Can you make a word that costs more than £250?

You can do your ‘workings out’ on a separate piece of paper, but remember to write your answers in J2Writer on J2e so that I can see them. This is a tricky reasoning challenge so keep trying even if at first you find it really difficult. Think about the numeracy, reasoning and problem solving lessons you have done in class and try to use those skills. I am looking forward to seeing your answers! Good Luck!


I have been really impressed by the variety of different words that you have calculated the cost of. We have had many difficult words that I struggled to pronounce! We have had Welsh place names, extremely difficult medical words and words that (until today) I had never seen before in my life. Your numeracy and reasoning skills were excellent. Da iawn!

Challenge 4 – 23rd April 2020

An art challenge from Mrs Brady-Saunders today! Read Mrs Brady-Saunders’ message below and have a go at the challenge:

When I was a little girl my Auntie Pauline (RIP) showed me how to draw cartoon characters. I used to spend summer holidays copying and drawing many different characters- my favourite to draw was Scooby Doo and The Rugrats (my little sister’s favourite TV show at the time) so for my daily challenge I’m asking you to draw one of your favourite cartoon characters!
While I’m a bit rusty I’ve challenged myself to draw some of my little boys’ favourite characters – Hey Duggee and a chalk George from Peppa Pig. Have a look at my pictures below. His absolute favourite is Paw Patrol though so this will be my next challenge!
I would love to see your cartoon characters. Can you send your beautiful art work to me at:
Enjoy the challenge – it can take time to get it right so stick at it (George took quite a few attempts and I’m still not happy with it 100%). Sketch it likely first so you can rub out any errors. I’m going to work on some of the paw patrol pups today so I’ll send you my art work when you send me yours.
Stay safe!
Mrs Brady-Saunders
Mrs Brady-Saunders has received lots of fantastic artistic creations of amazing cartoon characters from plenty of different shows. Keep an eye on the website because a new ‘Our Daily Challenge Photos’ Gallery will be coming very soon to show all of your amazing work!

Challenge 3 – 22nd April 2020

A ‘Numeracy’ challenge from Mrs May today! Mrs May is telling you the answer, but what is the question? For example, if the answer was 50, the question could be “What is 25 x 2?”, “What is half of 100?” or “What is 30 + 20?”. There is one challenge for Years 3 & 4, and another challenge for Years 5 and 6.

Mrs May’s Year 3 & 4 Challenge 

My  answer is 48. What is the question?

Mrs May’s Year 5 & 6 Challenge

My answer is 108. What is the question?

See how many questions you can come up with that equal the answer that Mrs May has. You could find 10 questions, 20 questions, even 100 different questions that all give Mrs May’s answer! Try to use all of your different numeracy skills – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, halving, doubling etc.

You can either write your questions in J2e Writer on Hwb for Mrs May to look at or you can email them to Mrs May at Pob lwc!


Mrs May was really impressed with the variety and inventiveness of all of your maths questions. Mrs May received hundreds of questions that all equalled the same answer. Outstanding work!

Challenge 2 – 21st April 2020

Today, your challenge is to write a letter to me! My challenge will be to respond to every single one within 24 hours! You can include anything you like in your letter – what you have been doing, how you are feeling, what you are looking forward to. So that I can see all your letters, you will have to write them using J2e Writer in Hwb. Here are instructions on how to do this:

  • Firstly, use your login details to log into Hwb.
  • Click ‘Menu’, then click ‘Just2easy’.
  • Once J2e has loaded, click ‘J2Office’ and then select the ‘Writer’ app.
  • Once your page loads, start writing your letter!
  • When you have finished, you don’t need to save your letter – it will autosave, so just close the page and remember to log out of Hwb when you have finished!

I am really looking forward to hearing from you and I promise to write back within 24 hours. Pob lwc!

Mr Hopkins


Outstanding work everyone! I didn’t stop smiling all day yesterday as I was reading each and every one of your amazing letters. It is wonderful to hear from so many of you and read all about how you are learning at home, having fun and staying safe. I received so many letters throughout the day and I would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for every single one! As there were so many, Mrs Hopkins needed to help me with many of the responses otherwise I would not have completed my challenge of responding within 24 hours!

To see your response from Mr Hopkins/Mrs Hopkins:

  • Log into Hwb
  • Click ‘Menu’, then click ‘Just2easy’
  • Once Just2easy has loaded, click ‘My Files’
  • When your files load, you should notice a speech bubble with a number 1 in it above the File Icon of your letter
  • Click the speech bubble to open the response from Mr/Mrs Hopkins
  • This is now a conversation, so if you would like you could type a message in reply

Challenge 1 – 20th April 2020

An easy one to start you off! Can you find 5 items in your house that begin with the letter ‘G’?


Arddechog! You have sent some wonderful responses to the first challenge. There is not enough room on our website to list all of the items beginning with ‘G’ that pupils at Saint Joseph’s found (there were hundreds), but a selection of the items were:

Garage     Grater     Glass     Grill     Ginger     Grapes     Gravy     Granola     Glitter     Gloves     Glue     Goals     Game

Google Home Mini     Grass     Gate     Gingerbread     Green Pen     Granny     Goggles     Garage     Gold Necklace

Keep up the excellent work!