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English – Home Learning

Here are a range of different websites and resources that you can access for free to develop your English skills at home. You may choose to hear David Walliams reading you his latest tale, take on a Premier League Goalkeeper in a Spelling Penalty Shootout or explore unbelievable images through Pobble. For each website/resource there are suggested activities. We would love to see you learning at home and the work that you are producing, so please, if you can share some images of your home learning or if you have any questions about accessing the home learning content please feel free to contact Mr Hopkins at


Audible have made all children’s audiobooks free to listen to whilst schools are closed. Why not listen to Stephen Fry reading you Harry Potter, and be whisked away to the magical world of Hogwarts! There are hundreds of books to choose from! Just click the link below to begin your own story:

Suggested Activities

  • listen to a story and create a poster to promote it.
  • design a new book cover after listening to a story.
  • create a profile of your favourite character.
  • create your own ending to the story.
  • write your own blurb that would give the reader an insight into what may happen in the story.
  • write a book review after listening to your story.
  • draw a storyboard/comic strip of the story that you have listened to.
  • act out a scene from the story and record it.


You can use BookTrust’s free Booklist Generator to find books that you are interested in. Just select your age range and your interests, and BookTrust will suggest plenty of books that you would enjoy reading. Why not find out more about the authors, or design a new front cover for their amazing stories? What do you think the story is about? What do you think will happen? Why not use J2Data on Hwb to create a database about the authors that have been recommended to you?

Suggested Activities

  • Research the authors that have been recommended to you and create a factfile.
  • Design a new front cover for your suggested story.
  • Write a prediction, based on the front cover, on what you think will happen in the story.
  • Use J2Data on Hwb to create a database of the authors/books.
  • Invent a new name for the story.
  • Write a letter to the author suggesting a new idea for their next book.
  • Create a timeline of books that the author has published.
  • Write your own story using the title of your recommended book. Where will your title take your adventure?

Classroom Secrets

Classroom Secrets are providing Weekly Home Learning Packs filled with learning and practical ideas, as well as guidance and answers for parents/carers. Just click the link below, find your year group and start learning!

Suggested Activities

  • Use the ‘Resource Pack’, and complete a few pages each day. You don’t have to print the booklet – you could solve the problems on a separate piece of paper.
  • Use the ‘Practical Ideas Kit’ to complete a range of practical challenges with an adult at home – could you send us pictures of your creations?
  • Use the ‘Guidance and Answers’ to check your work. How did you do?

Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Now, we all know how much the children at Saint Joseph’s love the hilarious tales from David Walliams, from Gangsta Granny to The Demon Dentist. Click the link below to hear David Walliams reading one of his fantastic stories each day:

Suggested Activities

  • Write a letter to David Walliams thanking him for sharing his stories.
  • Create a biography about David Walliams.
  • Create another story using characters from David’s books.
  • Create a character profile of characters from the story you have listened to.
  • Use J2Write on Hwb to create a list of tricky words that you will learn how to spell.
  • Use J2Data to create a Branching Database about the characters in David’s books.
  • Design your own character that could be in the story you have listened to.
  • Write a recount/diary extract as a character from the story. How did you feel? What happened?

Literacy Shed

By clicking the link below, you can learn whilst watching many amazing short cartoons and films. Just click KS2 Activity Packs, and choose your adventure – will you take a closer look at ‘The Clocktower’ or investigate ‘The Lighthouse’. Make sure you have a go at the challenges in the ‘Activity Pack’ after watching the film.

Suggested Activities

  • Watch ‘The Lighthouse’ – write a recount imagining that you are the Lighthouse Keeper and write about the event of that day. Remember to include your thoughts and feelings.
  • Watch ‘The Clocktower’ – the girl in the clocktower gives up many things so that time can carry on. Who do you know that gives up things to help others? Write them a letter thanking them.
  • Watch ‘A Cloudy Lesson’ – write a newspaper report about the appearance of strange clouds in the sky.

Comprehension Shed

At school, reading comprehension is one of our weekly tasks. Click the link below to access a range of fun reading comprehensions and questions. Just select your age and download the Reading Pack.

Suggested Activities

  • Work through the comprehension packs.
  • Record yourself giving your answers verbally.
  • Look up any words in the comprehension text that you do not know the meaning of.
  • Create a personal dictionary of new vocabulary that you have learned.
  • Using the comprehension text title, create your own piece of writing.
  • Highlight the key information that you have used to answer your questions.
  • Record yourself reading the comprehension text.

Pobble 365

Many of you will have learned using Pobble in school already, and now you can use it at home too! A new, exciting and often out of this world image will be added every single day and if you look underneath the image, you will find a range of challenges from writing a story to creating an amazing piece of artwork.

Suggested Activities

  • Use the ‘Story Starter’ to finish the story.
  • Complete the ‘Sentence Challenge’ to develop your punctuation and grammar.
  • See if you can make the ‘Sick Sentences’ better.
  • Can you respond to the questions during ‘Question Time’?
  • Draw a ‘Perfect Picture’ to add to the story.

The Children’s Poetry Archive

Poems can transport us to magical places, so why not use the link below to explore and listen to some amazing poems from famous poets all around the world.

Suggested Activities

  • Create artwork whilst you are listening to the poem.
  • Research the poet.
  • Recite the poem yourself (why not dress up or create a costume to suit the poem?)
  • Write your own acrostic poem.
  • Enjoy listening to a poem a day!

Education City

Using your new Education City Login, you can develop your reading, writing, speaking and listening. Just log in using the link below, click ‘Subjects’ and then ‘English’. Finally, select your Year Group. Are you going to improve your skills in ‘Activities’ or challenge your class mates in ‘PlayLive’?

Suggested Activities

  • Check your English knowledge in the ‘Activities’ section.
  • Work on a specific topic, like poetry or spelling, in ‘Topic Tools’.
  • Test yourself in the ‘Assessments’ section.
  • Learn something new using the ‘Learn Screens’.
  • Challenge your friends using the ‘PlayLive’ feature.

BBC Bitesize

You can use the link below to improve your reading, writing, grammar, punctuation and spelling. Once you’ve completed an activity, why not click ‘Crystal Explorers’ and see if you can solve the crafty chameleon’s riddles and navigate your way through the 5 fantastic maze worlds?

Suggested Activities

  • Set off on your own adventure using the ‘Crystal Explorers’ Game and help the characters to solve the riddles.
  • Learn about ‘debates’ in the ‘Speaking and Listening’ section.
  • Explore different text types and create your own stories, poems, plays and reports.
  • Pronounce new words in the ‘Reading and Writing’ section.

Premier League Primary Stars

For all you football lovers, click the link below to see if you can use your spelling skills to play for a Premier League Football Team and win a Penalty Shoot Out! Work your way through more and more difficult levels to see if you can win in the final!

Suggested Activity

  • Have fun – select the correct spelling and see if you can score past the Premier League Goalkeeper!