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Maths – Home Learning

Here are a range of different websites and resources that you can access for free to develop your Maths skills at home. You may choose to challenge your school friends in a times table battle, work your way through a learning booklet or play a range of exciting maths games on websites such as Top Marks or BBC Bitesize. If you are feeling active, we would even like to see you singing and dancing along with the Times Tables on the BBC Supermovers website. We would love to see you learning at home and the work that you are producing, so please, if you can share some images of your home learning or if you have any questions about accessing the home learning content please feel free to contact Mr Hopkins at

White Rose Maths

There will be 5 maths lessons for each year group every week on the White Rose Maths website. Follow the link below, click on your Year Group and then select your week/lesson. First, there is a video to watch that will teach you about the topic. Then, click ‘Get the Activity’ and you will be given a range of questions about your maths topic for the day. Finally, when you have finished, click ‘Get the Answers’ to check your work. Da iawn!

Education City

Using your new Education City Login, you can develop your mathematical skills. Just log in using the link below, click ‘Subjects’ and then ‘Maths’. Finally, select your Year Group. Are you going to improve your skills in ‘Activities’ or challenge your class mates in ‘PlayLive’?

Hamilton Trust

Using the link below, you can access weekly maths learning packs. Each pack contains 5 days of maths lessons on a range of areas. Within the packs there are helpful ‘Learning Reminders’ to read before completing the activities that will refresh your memory. If you’re finding the lesson difficult, there’s even ‘A Little Stuck’ page to help you with the problems. When you’re feeling confident, take on the ‘Check your Understanding’ questions and see how you do!

Mathematics Mastery

Mathematics Mastery have developed Maths ‘Pupils Packs’ – downloadable learning books for children in KS2 that contain 9 weeks of daily maths lessons. There is also a ‘Guidance Pack’ that goes alongside the ‘Pupil Pack’ so that parents/carers can support children’s learning. Follow the link below and select your Year Group to access both the Pupil and Guidance Packs:

NRich Maths

NRich is an online learning platform where you can access a range of online and offline learning activities. Follow the link below to access the KS2 area of the website, where you can take part in interactive maths games, print worksheets to complete, solve practical maths problems in the house or even tackle a longer maths project.

Top Marks Maths

You can play a wide range of maths games on Top Marks using the link below – just remember to click the ‘7-11 Years’ button when the page loads! There is a wide choice of maths categories, from topics such as mental maths to shape, position and movement. How many points will you score?


Using your Hwb login, why not earn more J2Blast Points while developing your times tables knowledge? Log into Hwb, click J2e and then select J2Blast. If some of your school friends are online at the same time as you, you may even challenge them in a live battle to see who is the fastest!

BBC Supermovers

Why not combine maths with PE, and get moving as you learn your times tables? Click the link below to access all the Supermover videos, from the 2x Table all the way to the 12x Table. Will you rap the 9x Table with the Unicorn, dance around as you say the 4x Table with Cyril the Swan or get up and moving as you learn the 11x Table with Clara the Hen?

BBC Bitesize

Using the link below, you can select a range of interactive lessons on topics such as number, fractions, percentage, ratio, measurement and many more! When you’ve finished your lesson for the day, why not see if you can defend Mathematica and help the Guardians by clicking the ‘Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica’ image and solve a range of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions.

TT Rockstars

Using your TT Rockstars Login, you can use the link below to work on your times tables. Your teachers will be updating the challenges each week, and the more answers you get correct, the more points you earn. We would love to see you developing your times tables knowledge whilst having lots of fun using this game!