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New Curriculum



St. Joseph’s Catholic Junior School Curriculum Statement

At St. Joseph’s Junior School, we strive to provide an education for life of the highest standards rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ and of the Church.

As our children grow throughout their time at St Joseph’s Junior School, we aim to build independence, resilience and resourcefulness among learners to provide them with the skills required to solve problems and make decisions now and in the future.

Learning at St. Joseph’s Junior School will be co-constructed with the children, where a love of learning is ignited through pupil led themes which engage thinking, capture interest and stimulate imagination creating an innovative and enthusiastic learning community.

Through our theme based approach, we aim to foster a curiosity and love for learning in our children, ensuring that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and dispositions for future challenges as lifelong learners in a rapidly changing world.

As a part of the parish, local and national community, we will encourage our children to take pride in where we are from and where we are now, looking forward to where we will be in the future.

Relationships will be strengthened by encouraging children to be loving, forgiving and considerate to others and to form friendships which will last throughout their lives.

The time, treasures and talents of our children will be valued, nurtured and developed to ensure that these gifts can be used for their good and the good of others throughout their lives.